ERP for Flexible Packaging


TORI-FLEX is a fully integrated ERP software designed exclusively for the flexible packaging industry. TORI-FLEX includes customer service, sales, shop floor systems, Inventory, shipping/receiving and accounting. The system automates job costing, customer quotations, work orders, production scheduling, work-in-process roll tracking, and sophisticated barcoding.

TORI-FLEX has also been enhanced with a number of international capabilities. The system now handles Spanish and English, imperial and metric units of measure, multi-currency and international contact data for addresses and phone numbers.

The advantages of TORI-FLEX are paramount. By connecting all departments, processes and automating manual functions, TORI-FLEX lowers costs, reduces waste and eliminates work flow gaps. Data is entered accurately and production is made more efficient. All this is available today with an ERP designed specifically for your industry: Flexible Packaging.

Features and Benefits

  • Specialized quoting module for multi-layer, multi-film and multi-quantity by Roll, Lb, Kg, M-bags, Impression, Linear foot, case, MSI etc.
  • Automated and integrated processes such as converting, printing, mounting, extrusion, slitting, and laminating.
  • Set resin and additive formulations for single and co-extrusion processes.
  • Integrated work orders and production scheduling with shop floor touch screen data collection systems designed specifically for flexible packaging.
  • Complete roll-to-roll tracking by barcode from receipt of raw materials to production and shipping of finished goods.
  • Save money and aggravation by not having to customize your ERP for your business. With TORI-FLEX you purchase train and install; no customization.
  • The system’s typical ROI is between 12-18 months. The system will significantly help you reduce scrap, increase sales and ensure your net revenues grow exponentially.
  • You will finally be able to control of your production, waste, operator time and costs by product, customer and machine.
  • Learn from historical sales and production data in order to increase future revenues.

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